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L.A. Based Synth-Pop Band KABIRIA Releases Latest Single, “Crying for You”

Band’s newest track takes on the Wall of Sound and 80s New Romanticism to create the modern heartbreak song.

Los Angeles, CA
– Synth-pop duo KABIRIA have returned from their journeys across North America and abroad to present us with their latest single, “Crying for You”, an unabashedly bold track that’s at home in the colored lights of a roller rink as it is being turned up in your low rider or chillin’ on the curb.

About “Crying For You”

Stirring into existence with a stabbing synth line tempered by an 80s-meet-60s melody, “Crying for You” doesn’t explode to life; it revs up to meet it, layering a variety of musical styles that increase in depth as the song progresses.

Influenced by the production techniques of Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound, KABIRIA’s own unique collaged approach to music permeates throughout, with elements of modern music peppered in by songwriter and synth programmer Chris Dang for an updated sound that spans the decades.

The west coast hip hop groove of big claps and lo-fi sample chops adds a refreshing contrast to the peppy 80s New Romantic feel of the track, resulting in a rich tone that reverberates into its harmonic cohesion.


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Rather than fighting or being drowned out by the layers of sound surrounding her, lyricist and singer Gretchen King’s pure vocals greet them head on and infuse the song with a calmly questioning ambience that’s also begging to be sung along with. Lines like, “But I feel it in my heart that something doesn’t beat right” are typical of KABIRIA’s lyrical design, mixing clever relatability with a darker undertone.

While “Crying for You” possesses the feel of an 80s teen heartbreak anthem, it diverts from the Hollywood happy ending promise and speaks to the modern listener, bluntly acknowledging the desperate emotions experienced in a seemingly un-requited love.  Paired with the driving layered synths behind it, it’s the perfect follow-up to 2016’s “Hold Me Down”, another remarkably catchy yet cautionary track that once heard, is impossible to forget.

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KABIRIA formed in Los Angeles, combining Vancouver BC’s Chris Dang (formerly of Autoviolet) and Columbus Ohio native Gretchen King’s (formerly of the Phantods) diverse musical backgrounds into a new sound that challenges both them and their listeners to look beyond a single genre.

In 2016 they took their unique brand of synth-pop and electro-funk on the literal and figurative road, touring South Korea and enjoying a two week residency at the hip hop club “Compton” in Itaewon playing classic West Coast G-Funk.

They also found time to step away from the pop music realm to work with Different Drummer films, creating an orchestral score for the upcoming Netflix documentary titled “Genius Factory”.

In December 2016, KABIRIA began a partnership with US/Korean hip hop label Cycadelic Records/KIWI Media Group, writing and producing music for their hip hop/urban division’s up-and-coming talent and for established Korean artists such as JYP and Killagramz.

“They really know how to touch on a wide variety of genres without making [it] too obvious, to the point where you don’t realize it unless you’re really thinking about it, because it just sounds so good.” Nick Brutus Grass Younes from IX Daily.

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