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L.A. Based Synth-Pop Band KABIRIA Releases New Single, “Hold Me Down”

Duo’s latest track offers an upbeat new interpretation of band’s synth and sample heavy sound.

Los Angeles, CA
– Underground synth-pop duo KABIRIA released their newest single “Hold Me Down” today, and are ready to take full credit for people stumbling into work tomorrow after a late night of listening to this eminently catchy track on repeat.

In this latest musical endeavor from Chris Dang and Gretchen King of KABIRIA, the duo breaks from their previous G-Funk and Trip Hop inspired tracks, offering a more energetic and upbeat pop tempo.

About “Hold Me Down”

Using ‘musical collage’, “Hold Me Down” effortlessly fuses the sampling and turntablism of old school hip hop with current synthpop / chillwave textures and sounds. Lyricist and singer Gretchen’s wistfully plaintive opening vocals (“Every night in my dreams/I’m begging that your love/Won’t hold me down”) are supported by Chris’ ethereal soundscape which quickly elevates to a full-on explosion of heavy sampled drums, glassy lead keyboards, and lo-fi sampling, all deftly arranged and designed to jolt you onto your feet and into their world.

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Reminiscent stylistically of Grime’s unconventional approach to the pop music genre, one of the greatest strengths of KABIRIA’s “Hold Me Down” is its ability to pick up where Madonna’s eponymous debut album left off in terms of content. While this single leaves its listeners humming the melody by the second chorus and singing by the third, the hypnotic sound and dance-friendly rhythm belie the track’s more serious message of love turned into entrapment.

As lyricist Gretchen explains, “The lyrics describe the feelings you have when you are deciding whether to stay or leave a negative situation, and also reflect upon on your own part in the situation.” The result is a song that manages to transcend the decades while also tapping into the listener’s psyche to create a personal connection with the lyrics.

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KABIRIA formed in 2012 in Los Angeles, CA, combining Columbus, Ohio native Gretchen King (formerly of Phantods) and Vancouver, Canada’s Chris Dang’s (formerly of Autoviolet) diverse musical backgrounds into a sound that challenges both them and their listeners to look beyond a single genre.  G-funk, synth pop, 90s electronica, trip hop, and chillwave each find their way into KABIRIA’s sound, resulting in a veritable musical gallery of aural collages all with the band’s signature introspective lyrics and masterfully layered accompaniment featuring in each song.


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